Risk Management

Risk Management is essential to effective project planning and to successful containment of project delays and budgetary overspend, and to limiting the scope for contentious issues and related contractual claims to arise. Significant benefits in risk mitigation and in cost saving can be realised for a relatively small investment at project outset. At project procurement and planning stage, Hambleton provides:

Thereafter, Hambleton undertakes periodic monitoring of the changing project risk profile as work proceeds, in order to ensure appropriate 'stepping-down' of measures in place to deal with expired risks and the timely identification of newly emerging risk and evaluation and implementation of appropriate mitigation procedures.

Pre-Contract Advice

At the project procurement stage, Hambleton provides:

Hambleton also offers assistance in the drafting of pre-bid agreements, joint venture agreements, guarantees, bonds and warranties and 'in-house standard' documentation, including contract forms, for use by developers, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.