Construction Recruitment & Expert Witness Sourcing

Hambleton's long and varied experience in the international construction industry, its range of skills, and its diverse network of clients and industry contacts built up over many years, provide an ideal platform from which to identify and assess those with particular expertise in their chosen discipline.

Drawing on this extensive knowledge base, we are able to assist clients in identifying suitable candidates for permanent, contract, or temporary staff positions at all levels, and those able and best suited to act as Expert Witnesses in relation to disputes.

Staff Recruitment

Hambleton's 'hands-on' experience provides a significant advantage over recruitment specialists when it comes to finding suitable staff for your construction vacancy. We are able to quickly and accurately understand clients' staffing requirements, and to discuss these in relevant terms.

Your interests are our interests, and we understand the importance of finding the right person for the job - so we will not bombard you speculatively with details of candidates who do not meet your brief. We will actively seek out the right person for you, and if required we will conduct formal interviews, this bringing added efficiency and economy to the process - especially for those looking to recruit remotely for overseas positions.

Expert Witness Sourcing

From our extensive experience in major construction disputes - regularly providing expert witness services ourselves - we derive a unique and well-developed understanding of the attributes and skills required of a competent and credible Expert Witness.

So, whether you require an Expert in delay and disruption, issues of quantum, or any other industry-related specialism (even those you might consider a little obscure), make Hambleton your first call.